How to Screenshot on HP: The Ultimate Guide

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Hello, Challenger! We are glad that you chose to read our comprehensive guide on how to screenshot on HP. Screenshots are a quick and effective way to capture any image or portion of your screen, and they can be useful for a variety of reasons. However, taking a screenshot on an HP device might not be as straightforward as it seems, and that’s why we have put together this guide to help you through the process. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about taking a screenshot on HP, step-by-step, and provide you with additional tips to enhance your screenshot-taking experience.


Taking a screenshot is a simple yet essential skill that everyone who uses a computer or mobile device should know. Screenshots can be useful for various purposes, such as sharing information with co-workers, saving a funny or important moment, and troubleshooting software issues.However, taking a screenshot on an HP device is not as easy as pressing a single button like on some other devices. Different HP models might require different methods of taking a screenshot, which can be confusing for users.In this article, we will explain in detail how to screenshot on HP by providing step-by-step instructions for various HP models. We will also cover some tips and tricks to help you take even better screenshots.

What is a Screenshot?

Before we dive deeper into how to take a screenshot on HP, let’s define what a screenshot is. A screenshot, also known as a screen capture, is a digital image that shows the contents of a computer or device screen. It is a snapshot of what appears on the screen at the moment it is taken.Screenshots can be taken of the entire screen or just a particular section of the screen. They are commonly used for instructional or educational purposes to emphasize a point or to illustrate a concept.

When Should You Take a Screenshot?

Screenshots are incredibly useful in various situations. Here are a few examples of when you might need to take a screenshot:- When you need to capture an error message while troubleshooting software issues- To show a co-worker how to do something on their computer- To capture a funny or memorable moment from a video call or online game- To save an important chat or email threadKnowing how to take a screenshot can save you time and help you communicate more efficiently.

How to Take a Screenshot on HP

Now that you know what a screenshot is and when to take it let’s move on to the main theme of this article: How to take a screenshot on HP. As mentioned earlier, different HP models might require a different set of keys or methods to take a screenshot. We have divided this section into different subheadings to suit different HP models.

How to Screenshot on HP Desktops or Laptops

Method 1: Print Screen Key

The Print Screen (PrtScn) key is the most common way of taking a screenshot on an HP desktop or laptop. This method captures the entire screen and copies it to the clipboard. Follow these steps to use the Print Screen key:Step 1: Locate the PrtScn key, usually found on the upper right corner of your keyboard or beside the F12 key.Step 2: Press the PrtScn key once.Step 3: Open an image editor like Microsoft Paint, PowerPoint, or Word.Step 4: Press Ctrl+V or right-click the canvas and select “Paste” to paste the screenshot.Step 5: Save the file by pressing Ctrl+S.

Method 2: Windows Snipping Tool

Windows Snipping Tool is a built-in utility that comes with all Windows operating systems. It allows users to capture a part of the screen or the entire screen with different shapes and sizes.Follow these steps to take a screenshot using the Snipping Tool:Step 1: Open the Snipping Tool from the Windows menu, or by typing “Snipping Tool” in the Start menu search bar.Step 2: Click “New” to start the snipping process.Step 3: Select the shape you want to use for the snip.Step 4: Click and drag to select the area you want to capture.Step 5: Release the mouse button to complete the process.Step 6: The screenshot will be opened in a new Snipping Tool window. From here, you can select “Save” to save the file to your computer.

How to Screenshot on HP Chromebook

Method 1: Keyboard Shortcut

Taking a screenshot on an HP Chromebook is similar to taking one on an HP desktop or laptop. Follow these steps:Step 1: Press the Ctrl + Show Windows key (F5) or Ctrl + Show Windows key + Shift (F5) depending on whether you want to take a partial or full screenshot.Step 2: The screenshot will be saved in the “Downloads” folder on your Chromebook.

Method 2: Chrome Extension

There are various Chrome extensions available for taking screenshots on your HP Chromebook. One popular extension is Lightshot. Here’s how to install and use the Lightshot extension:Step 1: Open the Chrome Web Store.Step 2: Search for “Lightshot – Screenshot Tool.”Step 3: Click “Add to Chrome” to install the extension.Step 4: Once installed, click the Lightshot icon in your Chrome browser.Step 5: Click and drag to select the area of the screen you want to capture.Step 6: Save the file by selecting “Save” or “Copy to Clipboard.”

How to Screenshot on HP Tablet or Phone

Method 1: Physical Buttons

Taking a screenshot on an HP tablet or phone might vary slightly depending on the model. Here’s a general guide to taking a screenshot using physical buttons:Step 1: Locate the Power button and the Volume Down button on your device.Step 2: Press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button simultaneously for a few seconds.Step 3: Release the buttons when your screen flashes or when you hear a camera shuttering sound.Step 4: The screenshot will be saved in the “Screenshots” folder of your device’s gallery.

Method 2: Built-in Screenshot Tool

Some HP devices might have a built-in screenshot tool that can be accessed through the settings menu. Here’s how to take a screenshot using the built-in tool:Step 1: Open the screen or application you want to screenshot.Step 2: Open the “Settings” menu on your device.Step 3: Look for the “Screenshot” option and select it.Step 4: Follow the instructions on the screen to take a screenshot.Step 5: The screenshot will be saved in the “Screenshots” folder of your device’s gallery.

Tips for Taking Better Screenshots on HP

Here are some tips to help you take better screenshots on your HP device:1. Use the Snipping Tool for more precise snips and editing options.2. Use a keyboard shortcut for quick screenshots.3. Do not include sensitive or private information in your screenshots.4. Use annotations or edit your screenshots to highlight important areas.5. Backup your files to prevent the loss of important screenshots.

Screenshot on HP Table

Below is a table of how to take a screenshot on various HP devices:

Device Type Method #1 Method #2
HP Desktop/Laptop Print Screen Key Windows Snipping Tool
HP Chromebook Keyboard Shortcut Chrome Extension (Lightshot)
HP Tablet/Phone Physical Buttons Built-in Screenshot Tool


1. How do I take a screenshot on my HP laptop if I have a UK keyboard layout?

If you have a UK keyboard layout, you can take a screenshot by using the Fn + PrtScn keys.

2. Can I use a different image editor besides MS Paint to edit my screenshots?

Yes, you can use any image editing software that you are comfortable with, such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Lightroom.

3. How do I take a screenshot on my HP Chromebook using the touchpad?

To take a screenshot on a Chromebook using the touchpad, press and hold the Ctrl + Shift + Switch Windows keys, and then drag your finger over the area of the screen you want to capture.

4. When I take a screenshot on my HP tablet, where does it save the file?

The screenshot usually saves in the “Screenshots” folder of your device’s gallery.

5. How do I access the built-in screenshot tool on my HP phone or tablet?

The built-in screenshot tool can usually be accessed through the “Settings” menu of your device.

6. How can I annotate my screenshots?

You can annotate your screenshots by using an image editor that supports annotations or by using a specialized tool such as Skitch.

7. Can I take a screenshot of a video on my HP device?

Yes, you can take a screenshot of a video on your HP device. However, be mindful that some videos might have copyright restrictions if you plan to share the screenshot publicly.


Screenshots are an essential tool for effectively communicating information, and knowing how to take one on an HP device is essential. In this article, we have covered various methods for taking a screenshot on HP devices, including desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and phones. We have also provided some tips for enhancing the screenshot-taking experience and a table summarizing the information.We hope that this guide has been helpful for you and that you can take better screenshots using the information given. Remember to backup your files, be mindful of what you capture in your screenshots, and always double-check before sharing them.Thank you for reading this article, and happy screenshotting!

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The information provided in this article is accurate and up-to-date to the best of our knowledge. However, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. The methods described might vary depending on the HP model, software version, or operating system. We strongly encourage you to consult your device’s user manual or online resources if you encounter any issues.Please note that some images or information captured in screenshots might reveal sensitive, private or copyrighted content. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to use and share any captured images or information.