How to Delete Instagram Account


Hello Challenger, welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to delete Instagram account. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that enable people to connect with their friends and loved ones by sharing photos and videos. Despite its popularity, not everyone wishes to keep their Instagram account active. Are you tired of using Instagram, or you no longer find it engaging? Do you want to take a break from social media? Whatever your reason might be, this guide will walk you through how to delete your Instagram account step-by-step.

Before we dive into the deletion process, it’s important to understand what deleting your Instagram account means. Once you delete your account, your profile, photos, videos, comments, likes, and followers will be permanently erased from Instagram’s database. Therefore, we recommend that you backup your Instagram data if you’d like to save your photos, videos, and other information before deleting your account. Now that you know what deleting your account means let’s jump into the process.

How to Delete Instagram Account

Step 1: Log Into Your Instagram Account

The first step in deleting your Instagram account is to log in to your account. You cannot delete your account from the Instagram app, so make sure you log in to your account using a web browser on your desktop or mobile device.

Step 2: Navigate to Delete Your Account Page

Once you’re logged in to your account, navigate to the ‘Delete Your Account’ page. Instagram provides this page to make it easy for users to delete their accounts. You’ll find this page in your account settings, located in the top right-hand corner of the screen, represented by three lines. Click on the gear icon located at the bottom-right corner of the page to open up the ‘Settings’ menu, then scroll down and click on ‘Privacy and Security’.

Step 3: Choose a Reason for Deleting Your Account

On the privacy and security page, scroll down till you find the ‘Delete Your Account’ option. Instagram will ask you why you want to delete your account. Choose a reason from the dropdown menu or provide a different option. Once you have chosen your reason, Instagram will require you to enter your password again to verify the action.

Step 4: Permanently Delete Your Account

After providing a reason and confirming your password, click on ‘Permanently Delete My Account.’ Instagram will permanently remove your account and all associated data.

Table: How to Delete Instagram Account

Step Description
Step 1 Log into your account
Step 2 Navigate to ‘Delete Your Account’ page
Step 3 Choose a reason for deleting account
Step 4 Permanently delete your account

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reactivate my account after deleting it?

No. Once you delete your account, you cannot reactivate it or retrieve your data.

2. Will deleting my account also delete my photos and videos?

Yes, your photos, videos, comments, likes, and followers will be permanently deleted from Instagram.

3. What if I change my mind after requesting to delete my account?

Instagram provides a grace period of 30 days for users to reactivate their accounts. After 30 days, your account and all data associated with it will be permanently deleted.

4. Do I need to provide feedback when deleting my account?

No, Instagram provides a list of reasons why you’re deleting your account, but it’s not required to explain yourself.

5. Can I delete Instagram account from the mobile app?

No, you cannot delete Instagram account from the mobile app. You must use a web browser to delete your account.

6. What happens if I have outstanding balances before deleting my account?

Outstanding balances must be cleared before deleting your account. If you have an outstanding balance, Instagram will prompt you to make payments before proceeding.

7. Does deleting my Instagram account affect my Facebook account?

No, deleting your Instagram account does not affect your Facebook account as Instagram and Facebook are separate platforms.


Congratulations Challenger! You’ve successfully learned how to delete your Instagram account in this comprehensive guide. Remember, deleting your account is a permanent decision, so make sure you backup your data or retrieve any data you need before proceeding with account deletion. Now you’re free to take a break from social media or start fresh.

If you’ve followed the above steps but still can’t delete your account, please contact Instagram Support for further assistance.

We hope this guide was informative and helpful. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to share them with us. We’re always here to help.

Closing Statement with Disclaimer

We hope you found this article helpful! Please keep in mind that this guide on how to delete Instagram account is current as of the time of publication. Instagram’s policies and procedures may change at any time, so it’s always best to check their website to make sure that the steps provided in this article are still up-to-date. We will do our best to update this guide accordingly. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any data loss or damage that may occur as a result of following the steps in this guide. Proceed at your own risk.